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Finally Friday

I sure hope you're all surviving the summer. If you're like me, you're more than a little tired of the scorching temps along with the humidity. I saw Kiran's twitter feed the other day that he was ready for winter in so many words.

I'm surviving though my work situation has deteriorated considerably over the last 2 months. I can go into detail if anyone wants, but it's probably more than I need to go into here.

Some of you who are still hanging around on LJ, please let us know what's going on in your life. I think about you more than you could probably believe. It's good seeing many of you on Twitter, but of course it's not like we had here in this community.

former member

Greetings. We've been closed to new members for awhile to keep out spam. About 4 week ago, I was contacted by a former member who wants to return. They contacted me by LJ Message. They provided me an email contact because of my inability to reply to their LJ Message due to their own protection settings. So I set an invitation for them and let them know by email that they should be able to friend and member rainbow_ark. It's been weeks, but they have yet to join and I have no way of knowing if they received my email confirming their request.

Because of this, I have once again opened rainbow_ark to new members for a limited time, to allow this one person to join if they ran into a snag with the invitation I set for them.

I am not a private person. I don't have restrictions on my LJ Message, and my email is readily available to anyone.

New rule: If you contact me by LJ Message, it's only common courtesy to allow me to reply with that mode. If you contact me by email, I will reply by email.

I hope everyone is doing good. After the passing of my mother on May 1, Renee and I have spent the last two days getting my dad moved into a retirement community apartment. There as been so much coordinating with movers, realtor, Direct TV, and a delivery of a new smaller bed direct from the store, and Renee and I have been making countless trips to and from the old house with Dad's smaller items, and getting him set up. We are both dead tired, but it's down to details, and we returned home at 11 last night.

Furry convention idea

I was thinking on the way to work this morning that it might be fun to plan a silvermuzzle furmeet or even full-blown convention somewhere. I don't think I've already expressed this in an earlier post, but who knows, I'm the kind of guy who can hide his own Easter eggs.

Differentiating grey from silver, I think anything 29 and up is considered grey now. But silver as referenced by others is more like 55 or older. So currently, it would be mostly Boomers, but not to exclude anyone from the convention--welcome everyone.

I can picture golden opportunities for different generations of furries to learn from each other. The younger ones might learn that the older ones aren't just stodgy and racist, and the older ones would learn the younger ones aren't about participation trophies and instant gratification.

Everything would have major wheelchair access, and make sure there is plenty of con space for conversation. Video game tournaments could be Doom, Blockout, and Tetris. Fursuit dance DJ could play stuff like Herbie Hancock, Dis is da Drum, and Deodato, Super Strut. Lot's of medical/first aid personnel on hand throughout. Panels could run the gamut--everything you could imagine and beyond.

What other things should be considered?
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Mayor Pete Runs for President

There's a very interesting trend I wanted to share here, because historically, it's right in the middle of what we've been about as a community.


“Pete Buttigieg...is the product of a slow-moving but steady trend among faith communities to acknowledge the inherent theological value of the spiritual experience of L.G.B.T. people. In the process, American religion is becoming less straight.”
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The (internet) World Wide Web is 30 years old today

Kind of amazing when I start comparing to other events in life.


Rainbow Ark is slightly more than half as old as the entire thing. Yep, we were 15 years old in February.

I purposefully used my oldest avatar made for me by Kitler (EmoRottie) back in 2002 when we were on the "Paw" php community board.

I've been married almost 22 years when the www was only 8 years old.

My first two computers weren't on it. It's crazy, for something that in many ways it feels like we've always had, I try to imagine what life was like without it.

Before it, I actually had hobbies I kept up with like my music, home high-end audio, and astronomy.
6.6 Hmmm
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Happy Birthday Rainbow Ark

You're 15 today! ...what's left of you anyway. <^.;>

Rainbow_ark is one of 4 furry communities still operating on LiveJournal.

The other three are: fursuit, furrymedia, and bare_furs.

Rainbow ark is currently one of 10 11 LGBT communities which have a non-dead community standing. The other nine ten are:


Though this is our original gathering place, you can also find Rainbow Ark on

Fur Affinity, Twitter, Facebook, Our Forums and our Website: http://myrainbowark.com/

Monday / snowday

It's difficult to tell how much snow we got at home because it was so fluffy that it kept compacting while it was still falling. It appears to be 6 inches in Paw Paw WV, which looks to be about the same as it was here in Reston VA.

I had no real issues getting to work, but was amazed that the traffic volume was less than half of what you'd normally see that time of morning. Even though it was a little slower going, playing it safe where some of the roads weren't as nicely plowed as others, I still made it to work with time to spare because I had so much less traffic to deal with.

How are the rest of you faring?