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Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!


And we won't know this Christmas if Kiki would have decimated the tree or not. The day we were going to get a real one, it rained pretty good, making it all a little more of a hastle than we were willing to endure.

So we thought no problem, we'll just bring our artificial one up from the basement and see how she does with that one, then if she does well, we'll try a real one next year. Well, one thing led to another and it's still in the box in the living room. And we're going to be away for Christmas beginning tomorrow (the 24th) and not returning again until Wednesday morning. So putting it up today, we would have had less than 24 hours to observe her with it, before we'd have to leave. We don't know it she'd try to eat it necessarily, but knowing her, she might try to climb it. We didn't want her to be get hurt and then us not returning until later.

But hey, hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with however you observe the season. Be safe.
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Happy Friday all

Had a cool thing happen this morning I wanted to share with you.

Renee had to get blood work and since she was fasting for that, we stopped off at Roy Rodger's for a little breakfast, before running Renee home, and then me onto work.

And at the table across from us, I looked over and saw a face I hadn't seen in almost 10 years. It was Paul Bevan. He was one of the employees of Purcellville Copy when I was manager there, and when the MyRainbowArk website was brand new, he's the one who put together the very first pages that were displayed and chose the purple font color which is still used throughout the site. he also created the navigation code for the homepage which was used for many years after.

He's gained some weight. We both have :D He seems to be doing well. It was good to see him again.
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The news can be depressing

It's kind of amazing what we're seeing--things that we thought were settled and put to bed are now in question once again.

Marriage equality in all 50, and now there's some big moves to overturn Federal law and put it back to the States. Roe v. Wade is even in question.

It's scary, it's infuriating, but possibly above all, it can be discouraging when advances are so official and palpable, but then you realize it can all change when a consensus of people decide something should be so, and elected officials who represent their constituents who voted them into office, propose the laws to reflect the will of their people.

But it's important to remember that we're not seeing consensus here. What we're seeing is a hateful, bigoted vocal few who are making more noise than all the rest of us, trying to convince us and themselves that they speak for the majority. They don't.

The ones who were always bigoted, always hateful, but were too cowardly to show it, now find the permission they've been looking for from Trump to act out. The person that 20 months ago would have simply glared at a Black driver, now openly uses the "n" word against them even when on video. The ones who a year an a half ago, would peer through the curtains at the Black person walking by, now calls the police on them and makes up stories of assault to get them arrested. Nazi tags spray-painted on houses, Anti-Jew and Anti-gay rhetoric is thrown around out loud, Evangelicals like Falwell urging Trump to get closer to Putin who himself is a murderous dictator. Now 40% of Republicans polled say they're okay with Russia cyber-attacking the elections this November if it helps to keep Republican lawmakers in power.

I could go on for pages, but you've seen the news too and know what's going on. These might seem like dark times for all of us. I'm not pretending to have any wise counsel or solutions, but I just want to use this opportunity to remind that there are things which have been and will continue to be consistent through all of this. We have our friends. There is this Ark, such as it is anymore. There's still good in the world, and there is still justice. As long as we hope for better days to return, they will return. Hope has done more to sustain life than any act of ignorant bigotry, or fear-induced act of violence.

Remember that this "whole world" isn't going crazy, but that it's just a very noisy minority which is a dead-end if followed. We need to of course be vigilant and not simply ignore or be blind-sided. But in the larger scheme of things, life goes on, good will prevail. The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, But It Bends Toward Justice.

Vote. Vote like your life depends on it November 6th. Vote in numbers too big to manipulate. Make sure you're registered. Vote early, then provide transportation to others so they can vote on election day.
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Beautiful day

I was scared we weren't going to get spring, but that it was going to go from winter right into summer. But at least here in Reston Virginia, it is a beautiful spring day out there, currently 78° at near the hottest part of the day.

My workmate is out all week, so I'm here in this big room all by myself. I had to work this past Saturday on a huge proposal, and there's been a good amount of work since then that's needed my expertise.

I'll be staying in town again tonight, sleeping on the couch of the same terrific red panda who lives and works all within a mile and a half of here. I stopped by Martin's on the way to work to pick up muffins for us. His big black kitty doesn't care much for muffin day. He's more into bagel day, because that means he gets his small ration of cream cheese--his reward for being a cat.

I just mailed out Mother's Day cards this morning on the way to work. The next time Renee and I are able to visit the parental units is Father's Day weekend in the middle of June.

How has your days been? Keeping it together lately?
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Easter weekend

(cross-posted from Rainbow Ark FA) I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend with family or friends. We got back home after 9 last night.

It was our first full night away from home since we got our new kitty, Kiki, but she did well. It looks like the new automatic kibble dispenser worked just fine. We were a little worried because once we were testing it a week ago, it took her no time to figure out how to stick her paw up the chute and turn the flippers to get more food to drop. But it looks as though she didn't cheat too much while we were away.

We stayed with Renee's parents this time, and it was good to see everyone again. After breakfast yesterday morning, we got in the car to see my parents up the road. They're doing well for their age. Dad is the caregiver for my mom, but he's hyper aware of his own health, hoping to take care of her for as long as he is able, but he's of course worried about her if something were to happen to him. I wish we didn't live 150 miles away, and we have a mortgage we're stuck with -- possibly no longer underwater anymore, but up here near northern Virginia is where my job is, and it my age, it's not like I could just relocate and find any one of a dozen places hiring 59 year olds.

Life is complicated at times. It's nothing new for many of you too. We just do what we can and try to encourage discussion about difficult decisions about things while there is opportunity to discuss.

So yeah, at Renee's we caught up with birthdays, had a nice meal prepared by her mom and everyone took some food home with them. Now early Monday morning, I'm getting ready for work. It's going to be a stay-over night tonight because of my long commute. There's a wonderful Panda fur who lives and works just up the street from where I work, who has a comfy couch. I just bring muffins or bagels to share and he's good. It's also a joy to watch his fursuit come together as he has time in the evenings to work on it.

Cheers everyone. Be good.