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Furry Pop Quiz

So far, the most right answers is 8 of 10. Keep up the great work! :-)

01. Some fursuits can be pretty elaborate and can generally cost up to...
$1,000 or more
$2,500 or more
$10,000 or more

02. Only about ___% of furry fandom wear actual fursuits.

03. Which one of the following ways is NOT usually how fursuits are created?
a. ordered via internet
b. homemade
c. commissioned to be made by a fursuit artist

04. The largest furry convention is _______, with more than 4,000 attendees each year.

05. True or False: Most cartoon animals like Bugs Bunny, Scooby Doo, Donald Duck, and McGruff the Crime Dog are not considered a REAL part of nor accepted by most of Furrydom as true furries.

06. The 2012 Anthrocon convention marked which milestone for the celebration?
a.  The 10th Anniversary
b.  The 15th Anniversary
c.  The 20th Anniversary

07. Anthocon is currently known for meeting in Pittsburgh, PA, but what was the town that hosted Anthrocon #1?
a. Albany, NY
b. Atlantic City, NJ
c. Scranton, PA

08. One of the largest Furry conventions is held in San Jose, CA and is called the _____ _____ convention.

09. In the year 2010, of the over 50 conventions Pittsburgh hosted, in what position was Anthrocon ranked in terms of attendees and the financial impact on that "steely" city?  
a. 13th
b.  17th
c.  28th

10. Which of the following is a REAL headline that appeared in the June 28, 2008 edition of The Pittsburgh Times Review?
a. "Furry" Robs Convenience Store
b. Self-Identified "Furry" Candidate Announces For City Council
c. "Furries" $3 million Cash Cow For City Businesses
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