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more than anything, I would like my many friends to experience...

Today is mine and Renee's poetigress' 15 year anniversary. I'm so thankful for her, and for how much she's enriched my life.

I'm reminded by all of you who are waiting for the same basic right. Many of you have had partners for many years as well - you've made your own vows, and for you it's just as real, although unofficial as far as the law is concerned. Some of you are lucky enough to live in or visit a state which performs and recognizes marriage for two people who obviously love each other, with the same commitment as any couple. But you still must concern yourself with crossing state lines, which was the state of things in the US for mixed-racial couples before Loving vs. Virgnina.

Sometimes I worry that I spend too much time talking about marriage here. After all, it is only one issue of many, and not even high up on some of your agendas. Anyone who is following our Twitter account can see in their timeline retweets from me on how marriage equality is doing across the US and in a other places.

It will come. It's on its way, thankfully. Until that day, this Ark will be a place where we can celebrate anniversaries ...everyone's. Announce them right here. You know when your dates are - you know when you had your own ceremony, whether it was exchanging rings, or whatever you chose to do, when you made that commitment. Let us all celebrate in that with you and wish you the very best.

Engagements don't have to wait. Love isn't put on hold to wait for the law of the land to catch up to the people. Don't let anyone tell you you're living in sin because you're not 'really' married. They're wrong.

Love is love.
Tags: marriage equality, marriage law
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