October 4th, 2021

BHeart by Jami

a thread I shared this morning on Twitter

My wife and I were talking in the car the other day...

it's easy to say just f*ck the MAGAs and the anti-mask anti-vax people who mostly are that way because they're trumpers trying to own the Libs. And except for the fact that they expose Covid to innocent people doing the right things, it's very easy to think that way.

But like it or not, human nature is all about your clan, your family, your group, and our distant ancestors' success in survival was because they worked together for the safety of their group. As soon as you start acting or thinking on your own and not contributing to the group, you're often ostracized. It's very difficult at any point to admit you're wrong. There's no incentive to think for yourself, because there is perceived safety and security in numbers and you tend to gravitate toward what you've already accepted as truth which is easier than employing any critical thought.

But there are defectors. There are a minority on the fence who are becoming aware at how nonsensical and dangerous the MAGA cult is. We need to create spaces for these individuals to gravitate to so they feel safe to make the switch. If they try to leave on their own and the only thing they get from us is 'stupid MAGA' 'sub-human' and similar, they're going to look back at members of their clan who accept them the way they are and have welcomed them as one of them. There is no incentive to admit they were wrong, no incentive for them to employ critical thinking, or to think about leaving.

The human need to belong, supersedes all else.