Jarrell (jarrellwoods) wrote in rainbow_ark,

Fursuiters, I need your help!

The current homepage of our website was introduced in November in response/celebration to the US being liberated from the former administration: http://myrainbowark.com/index.html

The Butterfly is a symbol of renewal, and it's all very colorful and happy but admittedly it's not very furry.

I have new banner art ready, color scheme and general layout in my head, but what I need from you are links to photos of you in fursuit!

I'm looking for full body suits and partials. Poodling is fine. It can be both current and past photos. More than one fur in the frame is fine as long as you think the other participant(s) will be okay with their fursuit showing up on a homepage.

I'm looking for at least 5 to as many as 9 furs to send links of themselves in fursuit. If at all possible, I'd like to feature furs associated with Rainbow Ark (LiveJournal, FurAffinity, or Twitter) before having to seek images from the wider fandom. The photos themselves can be any size, shape, landscape or portrait. If you are in possession of the image, but it's currently not online, you can send the physical file of your photo as an attachment to jarrell@myrainbowark.com

The finished fursuit images will appear in a horizontal band within the homepage with the user having the ability to click on each small image to take them to a large version of your photo. Please include the name/spelling of your fursona as you want it to appear.

Plans are to drop the new homepage by this Summer.
Tags: furaffinity, fursuiting, help requests, photos, twitter, website

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