Jarrell (jarrellwoods) wrote in rainbow_ark,

Winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn

I'm going to try again this evening to set up a telescope on the front patio and get a glimpse of the Saturn and Jupiter alignment. It was overcast yesterday, so no luck. But I figure even if it's the same result this evening, it will still be worth a try for days later even after they are moving apart -- I have a couple of wide angle oculars which will still work for capturing them in the same view.

We received 8 inches of snow from the storm last week and about half that is left, though it's a little warmer today (44°F) and most of it should be gone by morning.

Christmas is just going to be Renee and me, and our cat Kiki. We'll be calling Dad who is safe at a retirement community, and we'll also be in contact with the Carters as well.

How are you spending the holidays this year?
Tags: christmas, family, holidays

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