Sonoran Basilisk (profhauke) wrote in rainbow_ark,
Sonoran Basilisk

At about 7 this morning I was snuggling with a certain someone who I'll be marrying in a week, and the house phone rang.  We still have one of those, for some reason.

It went to the message, which tells people that if they know my cell phone number, they should use that.

Then my cell phone rang.  "Better get up," I said.

It was the woman who partners with me to go to jail, playing piano and running services for inmates there (one high security "tower", one low security "dorm") on Saturdays.  I could instantly tell she was going to say she was sick...she sounded awful.  "So I hope it's not troubling you to call and cancel just before going," she croaked.

It was a weird mix of emotions then.  I jumped right back into bed, which was nice.  But was I disappointed that we weren't going in for the services?

Yeah, maybe a little.  I like to stay consistent for them.

On the other hand, last week a woman in the services started pumping the pianist for information about me.  "What does he do?  How old is he?  Is he married?"  I found out this after she walked past me at the end of the service to go back to the dorm, and she said "I love you".

Giving her a chance to cool her jets might not be a bad thing.

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