Jarrell (jarrellwoods) wrote in rainbow_ark,

So yeah,

Partially just trying to stop our slide into nothingness (currently at 1874th) and partially seeing if there are any furs who still drop by now and then.

I had a short work week. I took off Monday due to the useless "Columbus" day, and am taking off tomorrow (Friday) because of a couple doctor's/dentist appointments for Renee and me. I only had one round trip to work and back, because I stayed two nights in a row on my fur friend's couch. I left home Tuesday morning and didn't see Renee again until a short time ago on this Thursday evening.

I see a few more of you on Twitter lately, and when I do, I follow back immediately. If I haven't seen you just nudge me and let me know you're there.

Hope you're doing okay. Any plans for Hallowe'en?
Tags: halloween, healthcare, sharing

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