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Greetings. We've been closed to new members for awhile to keep out spam. About 4 week ago, I was contacted by a former member who wants to return. They contacted me by LJ Message. They provided me an email contact because of my inability to reply to their LJ Message due to their own protection settings. So I set an invitation for them and let them know by email that they should be able to friend and member rainbow_ark. It's been weeks, but they have yet to join and I have no way of knowing if they received my email confirming their request.

Because of this, I have once again opened rainbow_ark to new members for a limited time, to allow this one person to join if they ran into a snag with the invitation I set for them.

I am not a private person. I don't have restrictions on my LJ Message, and my email is readily available to anyone.

New rule: If you contact me by LJ Message, it's only common courtesy to allow me to reply with that mode. If you contact me by email, I will reply by email.

I hope everyone is doing good. After the passing of my mother on May 1, Renee and I have spent the last two days getting my dad moved into a retirement community apartment. There as been so much coordinating with movers, realtor, Direct TV, and a delivery of a new smaller bed direct from the store, and Renee and I have been making countless trips to and from the old house with Dad's smaller items, and getting him set up. We are both dead tired, but it's down to details, and we returned home at 11 last night.
Tags: lj maintenance, sharing
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