Jarrell (jarrellwoods) wrote in rainbow_ark,

an observation

It feels like everyone is holding their breath until Friday's event.

I wish I had some nuggets of wisdom, but I really don't have anything to share.

I'm close enough to the action that my normal Friday traffic might be affected, since I work in Reston Virginia--not as much as potentially that of my workmate whose route brings her closer to the DC beltway, whereas I'm coming from the west.

Some people very close to me are having trouble coping with what is about to transpire, and still in wonder of how we got here. There is not much I can say that helps.

All I know is, we can't just give in. We can't pretend that everything is close to being normal, or that the similarities outweigh the differences of other years.

Anyone need someone to talk things over with? Are you okay?
Tags: politics, usa, white house
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