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(cross-posted from FurAffinity), upcoming eclipse

Will anyone be traveling to path of totality for the April 8 event? I know Nexrad will remain in Florida and will get some views and pics with his equipment. Ferly is close to where he needs to be just naturally and will be smack dab in the middle of the path at work. Renee and I have a room reserved in Erie Pennsylvania and I'll be taking my old orange Celestron 8 with solar filter and we have filters for our iPhones as well.
What are your plans?
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Faith and 2SLGBTQIA Crossing Paths historically in the month of March

1649.03 — The first known conviction for lesbian activity in North America occurs when Sarah White Norman is charged with “Lewd behaviour with each other upon a bed” with Mary Vincent Hammon in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Hammon was under 16 and not prosecuted.
2009.03.05-08 — A “Gay Agenda” workshop takes place in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, hosted by Pastor/Evangelist Scott Lively, ‘Ex-gay’ Caleb Lee Brundidge, and Exodus International board member Don Schmierer. The themes: How to make gay people straight; how gay men often sodomize teenage boys and how ‘the gay movement is an evil institution’ whose goal is ‘to defeat the marriage-based society and replace it with a culture of sexual promiscuity’. The conference is attended by thousands including police, members of parliament, and pastors.
1972.03.06 — The American Bar Association passes a resolution recommending that consensual sex acts between people of the same sex be decriminalized.
1987.03.07 — Archbishop O’Connor of New York demands that the Jesuit church in Manhattan that has offered a special mass for Dignity members since 1979 stop doing so. The 1,000 member group holds its last service two days later, but several members protest the decision by wearing lavender armbands and standing silently during Archbishop O’Connor’s sermon at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.
2000.03.07 — California voters approve Proposition 22, a preemptive measure stating that California will not recognize same-sex marriages, even if the marriages take place in states that permit them.
1778.03.11 — Lt. Gotthold Enslin is the first U.S. soldier to be dismissed for homosexuality.
2012.03.14 — The lawsuit Sexual Minorities Uganda v. Scott Lively is filed.
1971.03.18 — Idaho repeals its sodomy law, then re-instates it because of outrage among Mormons and Catholics.
1995.03.18 — The Archbishop of Canterbury issues the following statement: “We reject homophobia in any form.”
2004.03.23 — Benton County, Oregon bans all marriages—gay and heterosexual—until the state decides who can and who cannot wed.
1975.03.26 — A county clerk in Boulder Colorado issues a marriage license to two gay men shortly after the local district attorney’s office ruled that there were no county laws preventing two people of the same sex from marrying.
1977.03.26 — Focus on the Family is founded by James Dobson.
2015.03.26 — Indiana Senate Bill 101, titled the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is approved by a 40 to 10 vote and signed into law by governor Mike Pence. The opposition is swift and widespread and its ultimate defeat sends a strong message to other states that anti-LGBTQ sentiment is bad for business.
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At the end of our voyage

Rainbow Ark

2004 - 2024

This past Sunday I pointed the final homepage for the Rainbow Ark website, denoting the organization's closure in early 2024.

The Facebook account has been marked for deletion in the next 30 days. Done

The LiveJournal and FurAffinity accounts will be deleted in March 2024. Actually, at the suggestions of several Arkers we will keep the LiveJournal and FurAffinity accounts open for archival purposes, but we'll make clear that after March, RainbowArk is no longer an active organization.

The Twitter account is in the process of being abandoned for BlueSky. Done

The BlueSky handle of @RainbowArk will be changed likely before the end of the year. Done

Website hosting for MyRainbowArk.com will not be renewed when it comes up for renewal in March/April 2024. Members who have email accounts should take measures if necessary to save any of their content before March. Email accounts will begin to be deleted near the end of February as the first phase of site closure. The website consists of well over 100 web pages and is best browsed by conventional desktop/laptop. Please feel free to save any of the data you wish while the site is still up. Visit the "Site Map" there to help in your navigation.

It's been a great run: 20 years! Thank you all for being a part of Rainbow Ark. Others will come along and make better social media, resources, and content for the newer generations.
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Mama Bears

Has anyone here seen the Mama Bears documentary yet? Renee and I watched it yesterday and I consider it a must-see. Much of their intent reminds me of the original intent of Rainbow Ark of providing a space where young people could find balance between their orientation/gender identity and their faith without having to suppress either one in the process. It follows the progression of three main characters and their struggles with their families, and how at least in some instances where their parents became their allies and even creating a nationwide network to help thousands of others.

Jarrell by Kitler

just checking in

I send greetings to all fellow Arkers past and present. On this Transgender Day of Remembrance, and with the probable impending demise of Twitter, I wanted to see if others are still here.

Twitter has been where I've thankfully kept in contact with the greatest number of you, but it could never have been a replacement for LiveJournal because there is no real "community" there; no lengthy or ordered discussions where we chime in with our own take on things. It's mostly a moment, then we move on. But maybe that's indicative of how social media has evolved. Maybe there is no place in 2022 for community journals, but one reason I'm here right now is to find out if that's true.

I <3 Rainbow Ark

More importantly, is there a need for Rainbow Ark anymore? When we assembled in 2004, we were a small wounded group of furs who were trying to navigate our way through being true to our orientation and gender identity, without feeling like we had to give up our religious faith. It seems almost trivial as I think about it now because many of us have now come to the conclusion that any established religion that has to be bent and edited to the point of "allowing" LGBT+ to even exist is not worth our attention when the real issue is often suicides which result from those who never quite find that balance.

In the larger world beyond the furry fandom there is a wave of toxic conservatism which wants to invalidate and criminalize our very existences. Gay marriage seemed like it was a settled issue. We seemed to have arrived at our destination. Now it all seems like it's thrown into chaos with the current pendulum swing of toxic ideologies.

Is this community journal even able to address some of these more serious matters? Should we even try, or should we be more of a respite where we don't have to think about some of the more serious issues at hand, and we can just encourage each other?

Is there still a place for Rainbow Ark, or is it time to let it go?