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Website Calendar

Ferly and I were talking about this recently.

I'm thinking about bringing back the Calendar on the MyRainbowArk.com website. Here is an archived page for reference: http://myrainbowark.com/calendar1.html

What would you most like to see listed?

* LGBT events, including virtual or in-person events from GLAD, PFLAG, GLMA, and others

* Furry conventions, virtual events, regional furmeets and meetups

* A blend of both

* Something else entirely (please comment)

Is it an issue for you if the calendar page and really the entire website is old-school and not geared for smartphones?

Winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn

I'm going to try again this evening to set up a telescope on the front patio and get a glimpse of the Saturn and Jupiter alignment. It was overcast yesterday, so no luck. But I figure even if it's the same result this evening, it will still be worth a try for days later even after they are moving apart -- I have a couple of wide angle oculars which will still work for capturing them in the same view.

We received 8 inches of snow from the storm last week and about half that is left, though it's a little warmer today (44°F) and most of it should be gone by morning.

Christmas is just going to be Renee and me, and our cat Kiki. We'll be calling Dad who is safe at a retirement community, and we'll also be in contact with the Carters as well.

How are you spending the holidays this year?
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Gonna ask the same thing I asked on Twitter. If you normally do, do you plan on putting up a Christmas tree this year?

I asked Renee a few days ago, leaving it up to her, and she said yes definitely. We had a real tree last year, but this time we'll put up the artificial one.

It's going to just be the two of us and our cat, Kiki. Same with Thanksgiving before, as Covid cases rise all around the country.

What are your plans?

An update of active pertinent communities

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Two Supreme Court justices say marriage equality decision should be overturned

Justice Clarence Thomas issued an opinion today that repeatedly attacked the 2015 Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges – which legalized marriage equality in all 50 states – as unconstitutional because it “bypassed” the “democratic process” and cause people “with sincerely held religious beliefs concerning marriage” to “find it increasingly difficult to participate in society.”

“By choosing to privilege a novel constitutional right over the religious liberty interests explicitly protected in the First Amendment, and by doing so undemocratically, the Court has created a problem that only it can fix,” wrote Thomas, who was joined by Justice Samuel Alito. “Until then, Obergefell will continue to have ‘ruinous consequences for religious liberty.’”

Thomas made the statements about Obergefell while denying a petition from Kim Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, citing her Christian beliefs. She has been involved in litigation ever since and asked the Supreme Court this year to overturn an appeals court decision that held her liable for violating people’s rights as an elected official.

The Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Thomas and Alito agreed with the Court because Davis’s case “does not cleanly present” a chance to overturn Obergefell, but they explained exactly why they think the landmark marriage equality decision is unconstitutional.

Thomas called Davis a “devout Christian” who was “one of the first victims of this Court’s cavalier treatment of religion in its Obergefell decision.” He wrote that now Christians who oppose LGBTQ equality are being branded “as bigots.”

When bakers refuse to sell cakes to same-sex couples are held liable for discrimination, Thomas argued, the problem is not just anti-discrimination laws but Obergefell itself because it legalized marriage equality.

“Obergefell enables courts and governments to brand religious adherents who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman as bigots, making their religious liberty concerns that much easier to dismiss,” he wrote.

“Since Obergefell, parties have continually attempted to label people of good will as bigots merely for refusing to alter their religious beliefs in the wake of prevailing orthodoxy.”

While Thomas and Alito don’t currently have a majority of the court to overturn the decision, the ACLU’s Chase Strangio noted on Twitter that it’s unusual to see Supreme Court justices openly show their desire to overturn a five-year-old decision.

“The brazenness of the rightward direction of the Court is a threat to even the most basic expectation of legal protection,” he tweeted.



I wanted to say welcome to the 3 new members who have joined us in the last month or so.

Unfortunately there is not much activity taking place these days due to the waning popularity of LiveJournal and since furries in general have largely moved on to newer platforms. You should have seen us back in our heyday of 2004-2010. Those were the glory days, no doubt. :)

A few of us are still around and check in at least once a week or so, so please feel free to give us a yip. It would be nice to see some activity here.

I needed to share this with y'all.

This is a tweet thread by comic, Kenny DeForest @KennyDeForest

My coolest night of comedy was when Chappelle dropped by @ComedyAtTheKnit when @MrWillMiles @theeclarkjones & I were still hosting. We were in the back room & he was in town supporting Kevin Hart hosting SNL. I texted @joyellenicole like “any chance Dave wants to go up?”

We start the show thinking he MIGHT come. A couple comics in, he sneaks in like a boxer with his hood up. We’re in the green room smoking, drinking & joking. The dude is a machine. Every topic that came up, he had something profound for. We bring him up last, the crowd LOSES IT

He was asking the crowd for headlines to riff on. They toss one out, he riffs a joke. Every topic, he immediately had a perfect joke for. Now, this was days after the cop that choked Eric Garner to death in Staten Island (you know, murder) was not indicted by a grand jury.

Protests etc were all over the city. Tensions were high. About 15-20 min min to his set he asks for another topic & someone shouts “police brutality!” He pauses then says “you really wanna do this? Ok.” He chugs his Tecate and sets it down. Our crowd was always beautifully mixed.

The show was started by @hannibalburess, so it’s always had a black base, but it’s in Williamsburg so there were always hipsters of all persuasions and, amazingly, people from all over the world. We always had global tourists which I thought was incredible for a free bar show

So Chappelle starts talking about Eric Garner and watching him get murdered in cold blood on camera and how it makes him scared for his children. I remember he said “I thought body cams would help, but what good is video evidence if y’all don’t care?”

A clearly privileged white girl (she had a wide brimmed felt hat for chrissakes) shouts “Life’s hard, sorry ‘bout it!” and it takes the air completely out of the room. A collective gasp. Chappelle zeros in on her. “What did you say?” She repeats it. Chappelle starts going in.

He starts educating the crowd on the history of black people and the police. He talked about slave patrols and Rodney King and Watts and Emmett Till and Black Wall Street. He talked about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and he talked about John Crawford III

If you don’t remember John Crawford III, google it. It happened right around the time of some higher profile killings, but it’s as awful as anything you’ll see. He was on the phone in Walmart and picked up a BB gun (that was for sale in said Walmart) and was just looking at it

Some scared cracker-ass called the cops, and this officer comes in, doesn’t even bother saying “drop the weapon” or “hands up” and just guns him down. The security footage makes it plain as day. The footage will make you sick. Disgusting and outrageous in every conceivable way.

Chappelle then tells a story about getting pulled over in rural Ohio where he lives. This is before the Crawford shooting but after Ferguson so racial tension is bubbling. He said “I may be white on paper, but I’m still black. So I’m nervous”

He says “the cop approaches and he can tell I’m nervous. I have both my hands on the wheel and I say ‘officer my license and registration is in the glove box. I’m going to reach for them now. I’m promise not armed’ I could tell the officer was offended that I was nervous. He said

‘I know who you are Dave Chappelle’ & I said ‘so why do you need my license and registration?’” He gets off w/ a warning. The twist? The same cop would go on to murder John Crawford III. His take away: “I shouldn’t have to be Dave Chappelle to survive police encounters”

He goes on to explain that one of his best friends is South African. He said “I asked him what it was like in South Africa right before apartheid ended and he said it was chaos in the streets. There were riots & car bombs etc, but the amount of people caring hit critical mass...

...and there was nothing they could do to stop it. The people had momentum and apartheid ended. Critical mass. That’s what we have to hit. Once enough of you care, there will be nothing they can do to stop the change”
It was incredibly powerful. The crowd was somber and silent

After the show, we’re in the green room. @joyellenicole comes back and says “that dumbass white girl wanted to talk to you, but I told her you were busy” and he goes “no, bring her back” so Joyelle leaves and comes back with wide-brim hat girl and her friend.

Hat girl is humiliated and her friend even more so. Hat girl speaks first:
“I just wanted to say I’m sorry for what I said and thank you for educating me. I was ignorant before, but I want you to know I learned from you tonight and I won’t say things like that anymore”

Chappelle responds “you’re ok. That’s all we can ask. Know better, do better. I want to thank YOU for hearing me and listening. That’s your role. And now you know. Now you’re part of that critical mass we talked about and next time you hear a friend say some ignorant shit like...

...you said, it’s your job to correct them and share with them what you learned tonight. THEN, you’re no longer part of the problem, you’re part of the solution.”
She starts crying and he pulls her in for hug “it’s ok. You’re part of the solution now. Do you want a picture?”

She says “really?” And he says “of course! Friend get over here for a picture” the friend approaches, they take photos, he hugs them both and reiterates that it’s ok and just to be part of the solution and sends them on their way. CLASS. I couldn’t believe what I witnessed

He changed everyone in that room that night. 200+ people became part of the solution if they weren’t already. Even a privileged girl in a privileged hat with a privileged mindset. Point is, it doesn’t matter what you thought before. You can always change

And you can always become a part of the critical mass trying to push this shit forward. All you have to do is care and allow that care to become education and action.

I’ve been sitting on this story since January 19, 2015. I wanted to respect his process and not burn any material for him. But, since he’s released HOURS of material since then I think it’s safe to say he won’t be using any of this bc he’s a genius who can just come up with more

Speaking of boosting black voices, follow @theeclarkjones @MrWillMiles @joyellenicole and if you somehow don’t follow @hannibalburess him too

Hey everyone

I'm just thinking about y'all.

I'm hoping you're all okay during the COVID-19 pandemic. I've been in daily indirect contact with about a half dozen of you on Twitter where I've been frequenting. It would be good to maybe have you check in as you read this, and let us know you're okay.

Renee and I are fine. She works from home, and while I'd probably like to just self-quarantine with her while we wait for the curve to flatten, I still must leave home to go to work each day. Thankfully, I'm only in contact with about 5 other people, but I have to be doubly sure I don't come in contact with someone who's knowingly been exposed for all of our sakes.

Luckily, everyone at the building where our team is located, are now telecommuting as ordered by their CEO. And the 5 of us are taking extreme precautions for each others' safety.

The only other individual is the fur I stay with 2 nights each week to save on mileage. He now telecommutes as well.

Anyway, I'm just wishing you all good health, and please be safe.