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a thread I shared this morning on Twitter

My wife and I were talking in the car the other day...

it's easy to say just f*ck the MAGAs and the anti-mask anti-vax people who mostly are that way because they're trumpers trying to own the Libs. And except for the fact that they expose Covid to innocent people doing the right things, it's very easy to think that way.

But like it or not, human nature is all about your clan, your family, your group, and our distant ancestors' success in survival was because they worked together for the safety of their group. As soon as you start acting or thinking on your own and not contributing to the group, you're often ostracized. It's very difficult at any point to admit you're wrong. There's no incentive to think for yourself, because there is perceived safety and security in numbers and you tend to gravitate toward what you've already accepted as truth which is easier than employing any critical thought.

But there are defectors. There are a minority on the fence who are becoming aware at how nonsensical and dangerous the MAGA cult is. We need to create spaces for these individuals to gravitate to so they feel safe to make the switch. If they try to leave on their own and the only thing they get from us is 'stupid MAGA' 'sub-human' and similar, they're going to look back at members of their clan who accept them the way they are and have welcomed them as one of them. There is no incentive to admit they were wrong, no incentive for them to employ critical thinking, or to think about leaving.

The human need to belong, supersedes all else.
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The Furry History Project

It took portions of 4 days, but finally just before 6:00 this morning I finished renewing or replacing the expired links to Perri Rhoades' The Furry History Project.

Also while you're there, you might want to check out the newest addition to Cloudchaser's Furry Dictionary. It was something he had fun creating and maintaining, and now that he's passed, I felt it was good to preserve and frame this bit of furry history for newer generations of furs to see.

As always, remember that our website was created back in 2009 well before any smartphones, is hand coded html and css, and is best viewed with a laptop or desktop PC.

I hope you all are doing well. Since LiveJournal is practically a thing of the past, remember to keep up with us on our Twitter account.
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President Eisenhower and the Lavender Scare

From Crossing Paths

● 1953.04.27 — President Dwight D. Eisenhower signs Executive Order 10450, mandating the dismissal of all federal employees determined to be guilty of “sexual perversion.” As a result, more than 640 federal employees lose their jobs over the next year and a half.

From Wikipedia

It was not until 1973 that a federal judge ruled that a person's sexual orientation alone could not be the sole reason for termination from federal employment, and not until 1975 that the United States Civil Service Commission announced that they would consider applications by gays and lesbians on a case by case basis.

Fursuiters, I need your help!

The current homepage of our website was introduced in November in response/celebration to the US being liberated from the former administration:

The Butterfly is a symbol of renewal, and it's all very colorful and happy but admittedly it's not very furry.

I have new banner art ready, color scheme and general layout in my head, but what I need from you are links to photos of you in fursuit!

I'm looking for full body suits and partials. Poodling is fine. It can be both current and past photos. More than one fur in the frame is fine as long as you think the other participant(s) will be okay with their fursuit showing up on a homepage.

I'm looking for at least 5 to as many as 9 furs to send links of themselves in fursuit. If at all possible, I'd like to feature furs associated with Rainbow Ark (LiveJournal, FurAffinity, or Twitter) before having to seek images from the wider fandom. The photos themselves can be any size, shape, landscape or portrait. If you are in possession of the image, but it's currently not online, you can send the physical file of your photo as an attachment to

The finished fursuit images will appear in a horizontal band within the homepage with the user having the ability to click on each small image to take them to a large version of your photo. Please include the name/spelling of your fursona as you want it to appear.

Plans are to drop the new homepage by this Summer.
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Springtime on the Ark

A personal update and inviting you to chime in with yours: I'm still jobless.

The host company was asking for me back by name and I was to start again April 12. Now there has been a total reversal, and they're instead bringing the 3 of us back to join the remaining 2 in September or before. I can't say I'm heartbroken. My manager felt bad with the news, but it's not his fault. With the extended unemployment with stimulus, I'm making more now than if I was back working there. That's not even counting how much gas I've been able to keep in the tank from not having that commute.

I just took in the Subaru this morning for an oil change and tire rotation for the first time since middle of last year. Normally that would be once every 6 weeks or so. I get my haircut for the first time in 13 months, tomorrow.

I got my second Moderna dose March 31 and Renee will get her second one on April 14. Now, I won't have to take off work for hers or for other appointments coming up for both of us. I briefly mused that if this keeps up a little longer, I could retire before they call me back.

So what's happening with you?
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Website Calendar

Ferly and I were talking about this recently.

I'm thinking about bringing back the Calendar on the website. Here is an archived page for reference:

What would you most like to see listed?

* LGBT events, including virtual or in-person events from GLAD, PFLAG, GLMA, and others

* Furry conventions, virtual events, regional furmeets and meetups

* A blend of both

* Something else entirely (please comment)

Is it an issue for you if the calendar page and really the entire website is old-school and not geared for smartphones?

Winter solstice, Jupiter and Saturn

I'm going to try again this evening to set up a telescope on the front patio and get a glimpse of the Saturn and Jupiter alignment. It was overcast yesterday, so no luck. But I figure even if it's the same result this evening, it will still be worth a try for days later even after they are moving apart -- I have a couple of wide angle oculars which will still work for capturing them in the same view.

We received 8 inches of snow from the storm last week and about half that is left, though it's a little warmer today (44°F) and most of it should be gone by morning.

Christmas is just going to be Renee and me, and our cat Kiki. We'll be calling Dad who is safe at a retirement community, and we'll also be in contact with the Carters as well.

How are you spending the holidays this year?