Jarrell (jarrellwoods) wrote in rainbow_ark,

joining the team

Please help me welcome our newest maintainer snpdiva!

Some facts about her...
Graduated from the University of Georgia in 1999, with a Bachelor's Degree in Music.

After graduation, lived in Athens and taught music in a private studio, as well as working for the Clarke County School District.

Moved back to Gainesville to live near her family and finished the Master of Music (Vocal Performance) degree at UGA.

Next to music, books and reading are her greatest loves. That, of course, does not include her family and friends.

snpdiva has been with us for most of our eight years, and has always been so supportive of our causes, and has been articulate in her helpful comments and entries. She brings some valuable insight to our team as we figure out future paths for Rainbow Ark.

Welcome ^.^ *hug*
Tags: community news
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