Jarrell (jarrellwoods) wrote in rainbow_ark,


"Our Hearts Do Not Condemn Us"
"... We, as LGBT people, are not let off the hook by this passage either. We cannot simply say that we love those who would seek to oppress us - we must actually embody that love for them ..."

It's one of those rare weeks when there appears to be no birthdays among our current or, shall we say, dormant members. Please alert me if I've missed you or someone you know, and we'll rectify that and give you a proper birthday spanki welcome, heh.

Oops! I was looking at July, not June. Must be the cataracts! I checked it one more time before I closed the list and magically two appeared...
The Happiest of Birthdays Today to
in_mortal_life and
threetails Today, Sunday the 10th!!
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