The feral red wolf with a **** eating grin (cloudchaser_s) wrote in rainbow_ark,
The feral red wolf with a **** eating grin

A thought about gay marriage that just occurred to me

It's already well known that more states allow marriage between first and or second cousins than states that allow same-sex marriage. This is forbidden by Leviticus 18: 6-19, which talks about whom a person cannot marry, as far as how close of a relationship there is (I think that was to prevent birth defects caused by inbreeding, but I digress). But you never hear of anyone protesting about marriage between first and or second cousins or trying to get marriage between said cousins banned.

This evening, it occurred to me that there are passages of scripture in the Christian Bible that many Christians interpret as saying that Christians shouldn't marry non-Christians. But when's the last time you heard of someone protesting marriage between Christians and non-Christians or trying to get it banned? Sure, there are preachers who will refuse to marry Christians and non-Christians, but that's about it.

So the next time you get someone who says that same-sex marriage shouldn't be allowed, ask them this. What about marriage between first and second cousins as well as between Christians and non-Christians? That's also forbidden in your Bible, but I don't see you protesting about those marriages or trying to get them banned. Why is that? Why do you single out same-sex relationships? Why do you see same-sex marriage as more of a threat to society and your way of life than marriage between first and second cousins and Christians and non-Christians?

And if they won't give a direct answer, keep pressuring them for an answer and don't back down. Because if they don't have to back down, neither do you.

As an aside, isn't it funny how sometimes when we humans think of something, we feel we have to get it out right away and if we do so, it turns out to be longer than intended (as is the case here), but if we don't, we find it difficult to say what we want to say?
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