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"Words and Hands that Kill"

Being honest here, normally I reject sermons which are this long for the message on Sundays. I click on them, I see how short the scroll bar is to the right, and I move on. But this one I sat through and read this morning. I don't know for whom I'm posting this message today. It doesn't matter. But YOU matter. All I know is it felt right to share it this morning. It's not the normal inspirational message - in fact it's kind of distressing, but as Jesus talked about the shepherd leaving the ninety and nine to search for the one lost sheep, it is in that spirit I share this with you today.
"... But we begin to believe the words used to kill our souls that we are worthless, useless, a waste of space. Friend, you are not, never were, and never shall be useless or a waste. ..."

Though it's just another day like all the others, it's good to remember the date you were born - the date you came into this world and help make it what it is. May your day be blessed, as your friends also help you celebrate...

guterballofdoom Tomorrow Monday the 21st
arcticfoxslash Tuesday the 22nd
dark_dragon525 Friday the 25th
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