The feral red wolf with a **** eating grin (cloudchaser_s) wrote in rainbow_ark,
The feral red wolf with a **** eating grin

Prayer request for a friend

A friend of mine uses a power/mobility scooter. Last night, a group of someones stole my friend's scooter. It had to be a group because those things are very heavy and takes several people to lift one. It is useless to them even for a joyride because it takes a key to operate and she's the only one that has a key. Please pray that she gets her scooter back sooner than later
Tags: prayer request
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What kind of person does that?
That's what I want to know. Thankfully, the association they got their scooter from was able to get them another.
Geesh, what a douche move. My utmost best for your friend - maybe insurance can cover (homeowner/renters)?
Thank you :-) They are hoping the local MDA can eventually get them another one