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13 October 2014 @ 11:22 am
Hey Critters and Crew! :D

Have you noticed the new home page? Shiny new home page I'm kinda proud of the way it came out. It loads like super fast too, because there are no big graphics or background CSS.

The previous 3 home pages are still available in the footer of the Site Map for nostalgia :)

Crossing Paths is now completely intergrated in the navigation which replaced Our Calendar. More will be added to this resource over time. I just added a new entry with video to 2007 over the weekend.

~ ~ ~

FurAffinity is doing well with a fair mix of long-time lj members, and both young and old furs from FA most of which were referred to us by our friends, Open Arms. There has been some good activity in spite of the mods' recent personal struggles. The mods over there of course are Nex, Foof, and Jare (me).

Come and join us. Any of our lj members automatically get watched by Rainbow Ark FA. We will often go through your gallery and feature art pieces in our faves to share with your fellow watchers there. The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly.

~ ~ ~

Our Rainbow_Ark LiveJournal is still in the top 2000 and will likely remain so throughout the rest of 2014. Current lj communities with any activity in the last 65 days now total only [edit:: 6656], so the decline for communities continues though the active user ljs are nearly the same as they were in number.

We are currently about 10 usernames short to construct a minimal-sized RA Christmas tree this year like this one, and the way it's constructed is with usernames who have posted an entry or comment to rainbow_ark in the last 12 months. We've done it this way, because we usually do a drawing for gifts, and when there's a winner, we want to make sure we have an individual we can contact and not an abandoned journal.

So if you'd like to see a Christmas tree this year and you haven't posted in awhile, you know what to do. :)

~ ~ ~

Thank you for your generosity this year. So far, we are ending 2014 with $49.79 and the only expense is the website itself with a current rate of only $123.74 per year billed in May 2015.
11 October 2014 @ 08:23 am
(crossposted to FurAffinity, "Rainbow Ark FA")

Jacob, 20, Minneapolis, MN

( excerpt...)

I knew I was gay from a very young age — probably as early as second grade, when I knew that I was different from other people. I could not pinpoint it, but I could feel it. And that’s the only way that I can honestly describe it. Just that inkling, you know? Something in the back of your head that would just bug you all day. And unfortunately that didn’t help with my childhood because I was overweight and artistic, so that triple-whammy took a toll on me mentally and physically.

When I came out to my dad he did not flinch. He said, “You’re still the same person to me. And I’ll love you always.” And those were the exact words that I needed to hear. He actually offered to tell my mother for me, and I accepted his request, and she took it incredibly hard. Not so much in the fact that, “Oh, my son’s gay.” It’s the fact that she realized how much I was suffering for the entirety of my life and how much I had gone through. And because I was hurting, she was hurting.

It honestly surprised me how accepting my parents were because you go through living the majority of your life thinking that you’re gonna be rejected, and you’re gonna be denied, and all these things. And then hearing it for what it really is was honestly the greatest relief of my life.

My parents are everything to me. Of course, you don’t know that growing up — you’re just worrying about surviving at that point because you’re going through so much shit — but really they are making everything possible for me right now. They are the most loving, supportive people I could possibly ask for.

I've been working on it night and day for the past 2 months. Last night and early this morning, I uploaded the last of the images, and now for the last 90 minutes I've been doing the little tweaks to make it presentable...

It's called "Crossing Paths" and I present it here to you, my LJ friends first before anyone else, before it's even included in the navigation (in 2 weeks).

As the subtitle suggests, it's a chronology of the ancient and turbulent relationship between the Church and LGBT people.

This doesn't include everything that's "LGBT" or "Church." But it's meant to be a synopsis, by event, of happenings, both large and small, which have moved things along between the two groups for nearly two millennia. It's literally the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's the height of mankind's bravery, and the depth of his treachery. It's where we are today, and its contrast of events from just a few short years ago, lest we forget and take what we have for granted.

See the second line of Kiran's navigation at the top for suggestions on how to move through the page. I've thoroughly tested everything in both IE and FireFox.

More events will be added through time. Feel free to share this page with your friends, or for any research you're doing.

26 September 2014 @ 07:34 pm
czar_wolfhound Wednesday the 24th
wesroaringlion Today, Friday the 26th!
21 September 2014 @ 06:33 pm
Hey all,

I know I haven't posted in a while, but I've been watching, I promise! Anyway, my partner's birthday, Christmas, and our first anniversary are all within ten days of each other. He's been real godsend this year, and I'm trying to make him something special. My idea is to hand write 365 poems, quotes, etc. ( Some mine, others by other authors) and was wondering if anyone knew some good ones.
16 September 2014 @ 01:43 pm
Regarding the husband of Seattle mayor Ed Murray, What's his proper title? For years, the wife of a male president, governor, or mayor has been referred to as the "First Lady"; but what do you call the husband, or better yet, the husband of a husband? I love that we have this "problem" now. :D
11 September 2014 @ 05:44 pm
From this blog post. I thought the letter was neat, and it's great to see a family being so supportive of their (possibly?) gay child. (As usual, probably best to avoid the comments at the bottom of the blog post. Here be dragons.)


Dear Chase,

Whoever you are, whoever you become. You are loved. You are a miracle. You are our dream come true.

Chase, here is what would happen in our home if one day you tell your father and I that you are gay.

Our eyes would open wide.

And we would grab you and hold you tighter than you would be able to bear. And while we were holding you we would say a silent prayer that as little time as possible passed between the moment you knew you were gay and the moment you told us. And that you were never once afraid to tell us.More below the cut...Collapse )
08 September 2014 @ 07:28 am
Because He Reads the Bible

When I am nearly thirteen, my father reads my diary,

which, even though I am a boy, is what I call the journal

Ms. O’Keefe has given me to write in every day for seventh-

grade English class. As I sit on the couch watching Jeopardy,

my father emerges from his bedroom with the book

in his hand, open to the latest entry. I

don’t know if he’s ever read it before, but tonight

he asks what I mean when I say I like boys.

Like friends, you mean like friends, right?

and I think this question is harder than any

Double Jeopardy I’ve ever seen and like friends like friends

and he is staring

and worried, so I say yes.

He rips out the page. He tells me to write it again.

I know he means different. Tonight, my father

convenes his own Council of Nicaea, judgment of one.

He gets to decide what goes in the book, how to rewrite

the story and my father, like Abraham

and every other father, is willing to sacrifice some part of his son

in the name of what is holy.

07 September 2014 @ 10:03 pm
If you noticed that I've been a little scarce on here lately, it's mostly because I'm building a brand new page for our website! As you remember, I'm taking down "Our Calendar" at the end of October, but this new bit will sort of fill that void, be a good source for research, and help to bring into focus the here and now! A working title for this new page is Shared Antiquity. Stay tuned. There's still a lot of work to go, but I'm hoping it will be ready by the end of October. I'll of course announce it when it's up and added to the navigation.

Remember to join us in our two currently highly-active forms, on Twitter, and on FurAffinity,

So, how was your weekend? Are you looking forward to autumn? What cool projects are you working on?
01 September 2014 @ 07:22 pm
Hello, I'm a 19 year old mtf from Ohio in the US. You can call me Faye.

In February, my parents found out about my transgenderism, and threw me into the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Long story short, they said that my gender identity was their decision, and that they'd rather me die than transition.

I've been trying to get out of my house ever since, but they are very controlling, and won't give me the chance to get a job, or my drivers license, to ensure that they keep in in the house under their control.

I was wondering if there was any individuals or any organizations who would be willing to help me out? I'm depressed and a suicide risk, I need somewhere to go asap so I can quit living in this hell.
31 August 2014 @ 09:50 pm
If you miss the activity that we used to have here, please stop by our account at FurAffinity!

current stats...

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With your hosts, quillbladefox, nexrad, and jarrellwoods
24 August 2014 @ 09:06 am
Hey Arker family and visitors,

You probably have noticed that we are in quite of a lull here (also the fact that I've talked about this on numerous occasions). This trend has so much more to do with LiveJournal itself than with anything we have or haven't done.

About a week ago, the total number of (non-dead) communities dropped below 7000, and there are currently only 6939:

I've previously predicted there would be another equilibrium at around 6500, like the one lj experienced between the latter part of December 2013 to the end of January. The equilibrium I speak of is reached when the number of communities going dormant is roughly the same as those becoming active. In spite of the communities suffering loss, active user journals are still experiencing modest growth. And, even with RA's near to no activity, we're still able to maintain a standing of around 1240 to 1260. A year ago this same activity would have elicited a standing no better than 5000th.

So we're seeing an evolution of how users interact on lj. A lot of this change is undoubtedly fueled by the Russian user trend of using their lj as if it were Facebook, though they've had their own VKontakte. Though for several years LiveJournal was Russia's most popular platform, it has now fallen to about number 3 or 4 there.

So how this all shakes out remains to be seen. LJ R&D of new features could have a major impact either positive or negative, depending on what the changes are and how it's rolled out, but the Russian promise of infusing new life into lj now seems a lot more of a momentary blip. Regardless, at present, there are still the new users coming on daily, the fact that the top 200 communities are still operating in their own bubble oblivious to lj communities crumbling below them, some with record participation by their user members.

So like always, we'll wait this out. I have no intention of closing.

So if you have something to post, post it. We'll see it. Though roughly a little more than half of our members don't monitor their friends pages anymore, we now have more visitors who show up and look in than before. We are still in position to experience new growth by the end of this year because of our rating and our standing in interest searches.

Also, in the mean time if you want to be where Rainbow Ark is most active, that would be on Twitter and on FurAffinity

Cheers! ^.^