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15 April 2014 @ 10:10 pm
Would someone, or a group of someones like to take the Sunday message this week? It can be resurrection themed, or not, depending on where you'd like to take it. Most of us are lay people, me included, but we also have several ordained ministers among us.

EDIT :: But ordained or not, anyone here is welcome to share something for the rest of us this Sunday.
"Moral God and Immoral Nature:
An Evening with Rabbi Kushner"

vclarke Yesterday, Saturday the 12th
kuchenhexe Wednesday the 23rd
shiny_puppy Saturday the 26th and
vindonnus Tuesday the 29th :)
08 April 2014 @ 12:19 am
"The SC House already voted to cut $17,000 from USC Upstate because of the assignment of required reading of a book with gay themes. Sen. Mike Fair, (R) Greenville, disagrees with the promotion of gay behavior. "I don't serve that population well by saying what you're doing is normal, it's healthy. It is not," Fair said.

Sen. Lee Bright, (R) Spartanburg, said that the university system needs to be held accountable. "Its part of an agenda that's more about indoctrination than education and it's concerning to a lot of folks in Spartanburg and really around the state," Bright said. He said he planned to introduce amendments to the state budget to make further cuts to USC Upstate."

Link -- May my state rot.

Meanwhile, Fair commented "We need to cite homosexuality and lesbianism as something their students need to be exposed to, like they need to be exposed to skinheads and radical Islam - they don't need to be exposed to it."
06 April 2014 @ 06:36 pm
So I decided a few weeks ago to read through the Chronicles of Narnia and finally finished The Last Battle the other day. Last night I went to our library's annual book sale and found his complete works, or at least his major seven outside of the Chronicles: Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters, Abolition of Man, Great Divorce, Problem of Pain, Miracles, and A Grief Observed. I was just wondering if anyone has read any of these who might be able to recommend a good starting point?
06 April 2014 @ 01:01 pm
Be Perfect In Love

This seemed like a fitting message this morning, both because of the new beginning for the Sunday message, and in our recent discussions and questions raised here on the Ark.

We've featured mini messages by Simyona in the past, and she has a very sweet, inspiring view of the world though she herself has faced so much hatred and ugliness, so I'm very happy to share another from her with you today.

If anyone else would like to take next week, whether it be Saturday, Saturday night, or Sunday morning, please do.

As you spend time in your meditations or reflecting on the week, please remember to keep the discussion going, read through the many concerns and analogies put forth by Hastka, and Wyld, and myself, and others, first found here, then continued here, here, and here. If you haven't voted, there is still time. Please do that here.
04 April 2014 @ 03:11 pm
In a recent separate thread, I made a comment about the Christian ideal including openmindedness, a lack of judgement, etc.

Part of the response was:
I am glad to learn that it is your Christian ideal. It is not, for instance, Rev. Phelps' Christian ideal.

I wanted to respond here, since I think it warrants discussion on its own, and perhaps not only from me.

In my opinion, the "Christian ideal" doesn't vary from person to person, though interpretations of it seem to. Case in point, Phelps' ideology was many things, but it was distantly if at all related to the Christian ideal.

And in fairness, although accepting gay/etc people is part of "the Christian ideal," sex before marriage, non-heterosexual intercourse, etc. is historically NOT accepted. Of course it's tempting to justify a change by saying that the motives and social constructs are different now, but that opens up the slippery slope of "what else is the Bible/Church wrong about?" and that makes a lot of people nervous, since really the answer is "nobody knows for sure."

Nevertheless, Jesus is recorded in many places discussing and demonstrating tolerance and a lack of judgement, so I don't think a quality can be much more "Christian Ideal" than that.

03 April 2014 @ 07:27 am
I'm still away for now, but the poll is still open. Disregard my comment about the 6 to 0 majority.

There are 265 members, about 35 to 40 of which are at least semi-active. This is a really, really an important poll, even if you've not voted before, we need to hear from you.

Please read through the two "here" links on the post itself. Then read through all of the post's comments of concerns.

I apologize, I jumped the gun and changed all of our terminology over to interfaith. But the question is, should it all reflect that we are progressive Christian, or are we to be known as Interfaith? You, the members decide. The poll has never closed, and it will remain open until the end of April. Remember that you can click on your name in the participants of the poll and change your vote too.

This needs to be decisive. If it's near 50/50, I'll switch everything back to Christian, but otherwise it needs to be a clear majority to make the change to Interfaith.

Thank you.
Every first Tuesday, my friend Elizabeth Barrette does a poetry fishbowl, taking prompts and writing a whole lot of poetry over the course of the day. Today is also her birthday.

Since today's theme is "genderqueer people" and since I know some of the Rainbow Ark members enjoy poetry, I thought I'd invite you to stop by her journal to leave some prompts or to just read some poetry as it gets sponsored. I think she'd be delighted to see you.

The Fishbowl is over here.

I've been working on something this weekend and now I'd like to unfurl it for you!

Hoist the Colors!Collapse )
I'm not sure how to think about that, and wish they would've worded it differently than John Lennon's comments about the Beatles, but nevertheless. :P
So, I've started world building for an urban fantasy setting with shapeshifters and magic that suits my sense of whimsy.

I'm a cat lover, so there will be cats, probably a lot of them. Not only cats, of course, that would be too predictable. There will be ephemeral beings and bright colors, beauty and danger, and quite possibly dragons, or maybe something else altogether, but ancient, strange, dangerous, and powerful.

At midwinter, I asked people who read my journal to offer words, thoughts, questions, images or songs and in return, I wrote a small glimpse into this world, a vignette or ficlet (at least 100 words), poem or song, or perhaps a bit of art. You can read the ficlets so far here.

It occurs to me that a group of furries are likely to ask questions or offer prompts from a different perspective, and that could really enrich my new world. I am also happy to have quiltbag-related prompts, as many of my characters fit into that umbrella.

I'm thinking of doing April A-Z to get me blogging more and to flesh out this world; so now I'm looking for prompts for every letter of the alphabet. I hope you'll stop by here and comment! (I may take comments to this post and translate them to the list in the other post too, but if you comment on the other post, I'll feel honor-bound to offer you at least 100 words, a sketch, or a poem.)
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28 March 2014 @ 10:21 pm
1. So with the first item, there is some rather overwhelming support for the return of the Sunday Message, and so it shall return. As mentioned to wyld_dandelyon regardless of the outcome of the final question, I'd like to offer up that time slot to her and others to give us all inspirational messages from a variety of perspectives. Remember that it's always good to have ample comments on the Sunday Messages, either offering other elements to round out the 'service' if you will, or to share how the message relates to your experiences. I ended it before because it went for so many weeks without comment, I didn't think anyone was still reading it. And being a lazy raccoon, I rather liked my extra hour of sleep on Sunday mornings. But with so much support, I can get my tail out of bed and post them, or read the guest minister's message.

2. "I know of another organization to add to our Resources (website)" No responses on this one. You can see our Resources page, here with currently only 16 links. What online organizations have been a help to you? Chances are, they will also be a help to your collegues here. Send me the link to and I'll do the rest.

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27 March 2014 @ 08:40 pm
Hey all,

I just found out that my great aunt passed away yesterday. She had been struggling with advanced cancer since December, and she was just about the last living family member I was close to. She was a wonderful woman, full of energy even to her last days, and one of the kindest people I knew. Some of my best childhood memories are of her. Any prayers or relevant Bible passages would be greatly appreciated.
27 March 2014 @ 04:38 pm
Here's some we have in the next couple of weeks. Make sure you give them a shout and wish them a happy one!

tykelbertt Tomorrow, Friday 28th
symphonic_rp Thursday the 3rd
thenudeguy Sunday the 6th, and
keoniphoenix Monday the 7th
27 March 2014 @ 11:46 am

Remain as we are, Progressive Christian

• Welcoming of other faiths and spiritualities

• Members having no religious belief or affiliation is of no consequence

• Primarily having/presenting a Christian perspective without proselytizing

• Finding common ground between Christian and other faiths

• Allowing others to share how their faith/religion relates to being LGBT or furry

• Interfaith cooperation encouraged for projects

Change to being purely Interfaith

• Balanced focus on a variety of faiths and spiritualities without emphasis on any one of them

• Members having no religious belief or affiliation is of no consequence

• Presenting a variety of faith perspectives in the Sunday Messages and in other aspects

• Finding common ground between various faiths

• Encouragement for everyone to share their faith/religion in general terms

• Interfaith cooperation in all aspects of the community

The Poll is still coming this weekend.
In the mean time, please continue the discussion.